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Natural Ball Socket Joints Tutorial by Killslay-steelclaw Natural Ball Socket Joints Tutorial by Killslay-steelclaw
This is my tut on how I modify my ball sockets for more natural art dolls.
Here are some links for materials:

Ball socket joints for this I use the 3/8ths one. I am working on a smaller ball socket joint mod at the moment.

Silicone, resin and such for all you americans out there, the major one I know of is SmoothOn. For us Brits, we can get most SmoothOn stuff from Benam Craft and art shops are also a good place to look, as is amazon.

Plastic pipe covers
Mine are from Homebase in the UK these ones are similar but I got white ones and I am not convinced I paid as much for mine. For Americans, I cant really help you, but hardware stores should have something similar.

A note on Magic Sculp(t)
This is the epoxy resin I used for this, and I only did so because it was all I had in stock. I had heard some good things about it, so ordered some, but I hate it. One part, not the hardner, is so crumbly it is almost impossible to work with. This is my favourite brand followed by milliput. I’ve not tried any other brands.

For PPE I want to refer you to :iconmagweno: ‘s wonderful tut all about PPE. She explains it much better than I can.

Casting and Molding
For casting and molding there is a wealth of tutorials out there. I would like to refer you to three by :iconlimitlessendevours: as they explain things very well

Thank you very much for reading though all of that. I hope that I can at least help someone in their arts.

Let me know if you use this, I’d very much like to see your creations.
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Kathryn-Knette Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So I have a set of these, size 1/4", and I noticed something...

The only complaint about this that people seem to have is that the modded joint is really loose. I noticed that the pieces are (very) hollow. Perhaps someone could use string, elastic, or whatever to tighten the joint in a similar way to BJDs?
Just a thought.
Killslay-steelclaw Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
i've just realized how much i love you!! XD that is the best solution to that problem i have heard of. and you could easily drill through to do so. 
Kathryn-Knette Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome. I'm glad I was able to help :)
Kathryn-Knette Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course, that would require the "new" joint to be hollow, and not just from a poured cast like in the tutorial.
Kathryn-Knette Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the eye-opener. I'm still a bit skeptical of myself on this, since round things, me, and molds have fought for ALL of my 3D art journey.

Worth a shot if I can't find anything else though.
PixelMecha Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you for this, It's a great idea! I've been trying to think of a way to make joints with realistic motion on them, have been looking everywhere for ball and socket joints like this! I've got some of the plastic ball-joint armature, never thought of modifying it. Does it compromise the strength of the joint at all? Is it more likely to pop out?
Mercifell Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Student General Artist
Lovely tutorial! You just saved me a heck of a lot of time. I've been trying to make my own modded joints using moldable plastic, and have had quite a rough time of it. ; v ; I am so happy the amazing magweno, yet again, helped me find this lovely tutorial, and that you were willing to share! Thank you a ton, and I hope to try this soon.
CMWyvern Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow. Just... wow. All my problems (well ok maybe not all) just went away. Thank you so sososososo sosoooosooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! I shall be forever indebted to you.

Before I even started making posables, I worried about their longevity. I was very concerned that wire would break over time. I found Worms-and-Bones, who use a ball joint armature, but they wouldn't tell me where they get it. I eventually found out more about the stuff, and dismantled a toy stuffed horse I have to examine it, but besides the expense, the fact that it does not bend 90 degrees was a dealbreaker for me. I was reasured by many, many others who do use wire, but that worry still bothered me.

Now, it seems you have created the perfect armature!! and, the "bone" parts don't have to be bendy. This is PERFECT. PERFECT.  I will have to give it a try!
Magweno Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
What a FANTASTIC tutorial! ^_^ Very clearly written and so helpful too. I've been meaning to sit down and try and work with this stuff for a while but never found the time. I did cut a few slots to try and improve movement a bit but found it just weakened the joint, the balls could pop out an awful lot easier and just put it to one side for another time... 

Cutting all those little notches would take about two seconds with a dremel. :)

I gotta say thanks for linking to my PPE tutorial too ^_^ It's so overlooked, it's great to see another tut come out linking directly to it! :heart:
Sylvaerian Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Student General Artist
I've been having the same problem! Tried like 4 different ways and it just pops straight out. :/ Did you ever find a way to fix it by any chance? =v=;; I'm at a loss.

You don't have to reply or share any secrets just wondering. >v<
Killslay-steelclaw Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
thank you very much. i've just finished a wing armature using this method. 

its mainly down to the creating of a new ball, which allows the slot to be much thinner than it would have to be for balls without modding. 

i must get myself a dremel, its something on my buy list. is there any that you recommend? 

and your PPE tut explains it way better than i could ever hope to. it really is the go to guide for PPE. 

i wish you luck if you try this, and if you have any questions, or get stuck at any point, feel free to ask :)

Magweno Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
My brother bought me a 300 series for my 21st birthday a couple of years ago It came with a huge selection of parts and once I'd played with them all I worked out what I needed - metal drilling parts, diamond engraving bits and more sanding attachments. I use the sanding attachments all the time to grind down cured resin overflow and flashing, to work with metal and wood, I used it non-stop through uni and I think it only cost something like 30-40. The grinding parts are a little flimsy but I think I misuse them quite a lot, and I wonder if a more butch version would suit me more but I'm very happy with my little 300 series atm. It serves me well! 

I'd like to get some of the big attachments you can get, like the workstation or the flexitip thing but they aren't essential. It's pretty light, and because it's corded it doesn't run out of battery which can be irritating :)
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